Tiger Saw reissue

This winter, we will be reissuing Tiger Saw‘s fourth album, Tigers on Fire. It was originally released in April, 2007 on Tract Records.

Tigers on Fire, Tiger Saw’s fourth album, sees the Massachusetts-based musical collective expanding their sound to explore basement soul, back porch stompers, breezy sambas, and bedroom hymns. On this recording, the band utilized a four-person horn section, as well as a wide range of special guest vocalists and players, including members of Deer Tick, Dirty Projectors, and White Hinterland.

On Tigers on Fire, Dylan Metrano’s writing explores of the joy he’s found in soul music, basement dance parties, house shows, and the electricity of attraction. Other songs contemplate mortality, long-distance romances, and the lives of German prostitutes.

The Tigers on Fire players:
Jason Anderson (K Records) voice
Ben Baldwin (Jason Anderson & The Best) alto and baritone saxophones
Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors) upright bass, voice
Chris Barrett (Paula Kelley Orchestra, Christians + Lions) trumpet, flugelhorn, piano
Shawn Creeden (White Hinterland) percussion, singing saw
Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors) accordion, toy piano, voice
Brett Deschenes (Nat Baldwin Band) trumpet
Casey Dienel (White Hinterland) piano, organ, voice
Brian Dunn (Clairvoyants, Skating Club) guitar, voice
Tom Eaton (Sufjan Stevens, Danielson) trumpet
Nate Groth (Hotel Alexis) vibraphone
John McCauley (Deer Tick) drums
Alex McGregor (Ponies in the Surf) classical guitar
Camille McGregor (Ponies in the Surf) voice
Dylan Metrano (Hotel Alexis) guitar, voice
Juliet Nelson (Jason Anderson & The Best) cello, voice
Annie Palmer (Castanets) chord organ, voice
Gregg Porter (Unbunny, Hotel Alexis) drums, percussion, voice
Djim Reynolds (Milkweed, Jason Anderson & The Best) guitar, keyboard, percussion, voice
Sam Buck Rosen (St. Ives Records) electric bass, piano, voice
Marika Shimkus (Unbunny) bassoon
Track listing:

1. Tigers on Fire
2. Under the Samba Moon
3. Distance
4. Commerce in the Night
5. Kick and Snare
6. To Drown Tonight
7. Catalina
8. Won’t You Let Me
9. OK
10. Aili
11. The Big Bear Song