New Releases!

Burst and Bloom is very excited to announce two new CD releases-

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Guy Capecelatro III The Silence of Our Predicament

12 Songs, $10.00

The Silence of Our Predicament was recorded with Jon Nolan and a cast of wildly talented musicians; Craig Werth, Nat Baldwin, Isis Alis, Seth Gooby, Mara Flynn, Joe Arnold, Juliet Nelson, Steve Rhum, Jon Ekstrom, Mike Samos, and Zach Tremblay. It was done live over three nights at Milltown Studios in Rollinsford, NH, then fleshed out with overdubs. The songs are all little stories which pull the listener in. Likening himself more a story-teller than songwriter, Guy is a prolific writer who gathers friends to help realize the songs.
“Music, for me, is about sharing and expressing. I think my lack of real desire for success, musically, has enabled me to continue to really enjoy writing and playing music. If my expectations has been higher I may have fallen victim to that inevitable disappointment which many friends have sadly experienced. Hopefully I’ll always putter about,” says Capecelatro of his musical attitude.

Listen to ‘Recipe’:

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Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees Narrow Gauge Quad Trains CD

12 songs, $10.00

Wesley Hartley is a native Texan (from Houston and Splendora) who found a small knack for songwriting when he moved from Austin to Portland, Maine; finding it an easy way to make friends. Five years and a few bands later (including the much-heralded Dead End Armory), Wesley hand picked a country music-loving bunch to form the Traveling Trees; based on Wesley’s scripting brainstorm of the moment titled The Great American Lost Desert Pine and the Non-adventures of the Traveling Trees.

The Trees are Leslie Deane (bass no. 2), Jon Donnell (drums), Derek Reynolds (bass), and Gregg Hoover (lap steel).

Listen to ‘Acreless’: