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Seekonk Pinkwood 2

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Recorded in 2007, and released in an extremely limited run of 100 LP’s in 2008, Burst & Bloom is proud to release Seekonk’s Pinkwood 2 for the first time on compact disc. It is the third and final album from this groundbreaking Portland, Maine band.
The Bollard’s Galen Richmond writes “Much of what made the first Pinkwood so thrilling is still in place: the gorgeous, hushed vocals, thoughtful instrumentation, and expansive sonic space. The contrast between the softer-than-soft singing and achingly sharp arrangements is also a principle pleasure of this album. The guitars on Pinkwood 2 are brighter, the rhythms swing more and when it all works, the songs sound as good as anything Seekonk has recorded to date.”
“Each successive listen brings out new elements. Folks who are inclined to spend serious time with their albums – the fancy headphone set – will no doubt reap the greatest reward, but those who only play music when friends come over for dinner will also find a lot to like.”
The album was recorded at Fort Awesome in Portland, ME, and was mixed by Jonathan Wyman. It was mastered at Acadia Recording Company by Scott Elson.
Seekonk, on this recording is: Sarah Ramey, Dave Noyes, Chris Burns, Jason Ingalls, Todd Hutchison, and Patrick Corrigan.
Seekonk’s members have gone on to perform in bands such as Plains, Rustic Overtones, Royal Hammer, Tin Ceilings, and Wolf Larsen.
Pinkwood 2 comes in a hand-silkscreened arigato sleeve, with original artwork by Seekonk’s Patrick Corrigan.

1. The Rage
3. 38. Special
4. Woo-Hoo
5. Hills of Pennsylvania
6. Half Moon
7. For a Reason
8. Waking

Pinkwood 2 will be released on September 21st, 2010 in a limited edition of 100 cd’s. Order yours now by clicking HERE.