Welcome Tommy McCaffrey

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Burst & Bloom family, Tommy McCaffrey.

McCaffrey is a poet, currently living in Brooklyn, and we’re excited to be releasing his debut book of poems, I Have To Tell You and This Is Not the Right Time, in early 2012.

Below, a poem, featured in The Furnace Review.



I never saw you eat breakfast the way it is supposed to be.

There were no windows in our kitchen.

No morning light falling upon your face, no sun dangling from soft lips;
a drop of milk-

spackle falling off the easy dimple in your chin.
I am off for work instead,

or you’re gone by the time I wake.

And I wake,

With only softly shaded groggy snapshots,
articles draped across the dresser,

your loose underwear pulled tight against
the red showered ass you shook
in the chilly stale
between the apartment walls.

To breathe in deep against the window glass as you left the bedroom,
I stopped,

as your steps descended out into day,

and spotted a parking ticket
in the midday glow
of the lot.