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For our 50th release, we invited Burst & Bloom artists and friends to cover songs from our catalog. Every artist who’s released an album on Burst & Bloom has been covered for this collection. Only one song per release is represented. Burst & Bloom 50 will be available free-of-charge digitally in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support and stay tuned!

Ackport covers Bellows

Best Girl Athlete covers Guy Capecelatro III

Dan Blakeslee covers Tiger Saw

Breakfastsong covers The Landladys

Justin Carloni covers Jim Rioux

Cape Snow covers Mara Flynn

Guy Capecelatro III covers Eastern Mountain Time

Chris Decato covers Tiger Saw

Eastern Mountain Time covers Friendship

Mara Flynn covers Guy Capecelatro III & Craig Werth

Friendship covers Seekonk

Wesley Hartley covers Guy Capecelatro III

Scott Houston covers Guy Capecelatro III

Marc McElroy covers The Landladys

Eric Ott covers Hello Shark

Pale Wallace covers Ruin/ Renewal

Gregg Porter covers Hello Shark

Jim Rioux covers Cape Snow

Jerusha Robinson covers Mara Flynn

Blake Seale Jr. covers Guy Capecelatro III

Peter Squires covers Pale Wallace

Erik Tans covers Tiny Fires

Tiger Saw covers Wesley Hartley

Zach Tremblay covers Gideon Brown

Craig Werth covers The Verms