As If To Say I Hate Daylight


Bellows is the music of Oliver Kalb, started in late 2010. As If To Say I Hate Daylight, the first Bellows record, was recorded throughout Spring 2011 in Brooklyn, Annandale and Chatham, New York. It was self-released in August of that year. Burst & Bloom reissued the album in March 2013, newly mastered, and in new packaging.

The album is recorded using one microphone, using natural and acoustic sounds that came out of the woodwork of the floor in Kalb’s house. Daylight is an album about freezing to death and thawing the ice to be summoned back into existence.

Kalb says “the other voices on the album belong to my best friends, The Epoch – Gabby Smith, Felix Walworth, Henry Crawford, Jack Greenleaf, Corey Switzer, Ian Cory, Nathan J. Campbell, Stella Jones, Lucas McCaslin and Richard Gin”.



“A delicate sound, a warm embrace… bursts of sharp sensation penetrate the cozy, experimental folk. I’m guessing you’ll like Bellows” – Knox Road 

“It doesn’t sound like it was recorded underwater with your Dad’s old camcorder like some “Lo-fi” artists… Songs are sung low and almost in a mumble, the instruments utilize natural acoustics and reverb, the words are important and tell the tale of life with clever wordplay, very anti-folk. Every element of the songs presented is intimate (even when distant), especially the vocal which in songs like “Tiny or Tall?” stays subtle and personal while the production seems to breathe with growth and evolution.” – Cincinnati Examiner 

“The band starts most songs off on a pretty standard foot with sweet hooks, melodies, and all the trimmings — then switch gears about 3/4 of the way through, over filling the composition with more tracks, more kinds of instruments, and sometimes sets the whole shebang at a wobbly, loping pace. Is the off tempo instrumentation an accident of recording, or intentional? There are definitely some gems here, and the maximalist funkiness will give you something to chew over.” – QRO Magazine 

“Its a pretty awesome lo-fi pop thing” – Effort is Hard