You’re Going To Have To Trust Me


Available on CD, download, and limited-edition cassette tape!

Friendship’s 2015 debut LP, “You’re Going to Have to Trust Me”, is a collection of songs written by Dan Wriggins and recorded by the band in Philadelphia.

Most of Wriggins’ characters are isolated losers; they strive for relation and usually fail. Wriggins mumbles their frustrations over the band’s twisted articulation of Americana / down-tuned guitars, steel flights, and drums negotiating between the lounge and the basement. Lyrics and production both recount an irreparably fractured world, albeit with a convincing surface.

Dan Wriggins: vox and guitar
Peter Gill: pedal steel and guitar
Chalmers Hall: bass
Mike Cormier: drums and percussion

produced by Friendship and Peter Tramo
recorded by Peter Tramo
all songs by Dan Wriggins
apprehensive owl #14: Miklos Pogany