The Short Shrift

The Short ShriftThe Short Shrift

The Short Shrift was created in February of 2013 as part of The Wire magazine’s RPM Challenge in which folks are encouraged to write and record and album in the shortest month of the year. 28 short songs, featuring a handful of guest singers.

Track listing:
1. Hold Fast
2. Broke Heart (featuring Craig Werth)
3. Moth
4. Easter (featuring Jarid del Deo)
5. Clear
6. Please (featuring Mara Flynn)
7. Fingers (featuring Brian Michael Roff)
8. Counterfeit
9. Wakeful (featuring Nate Laban)
10. Tree House
11. Iowa (featuring Anne Marple)
12. Dark Thing (featuring Craig Werth)
13. Shivering
14. Not You (featuring Ray Halliday)
15. Good Pills
16. Happy (featuring Blake Seale)
17. Bible Verses (featuring Peter Squires)
18. Corner (featuring Marc McElroy)
19. Digging (featuring Jarid del Deo)
20. Second Sight
21. Rabbit Eyes (featuring Mara Flynn)
22. Open Book (featuring Brianna Tay)
23. True
24. Marbles (featuring Brian Michael Roff)
25. Snakeskin
26. Suggestions (featuring Peter Squires)
27. Excited
28. Your Hands