Hello Shark

Hello Shark

Hello Shark Burlington, Vermont’s Hello Shark is comprised of Newburyport, MA native Linc Halloran, Sean Hood and Alex Decato. In 2006, he released the albums Bumble Bees and Organ Trees and Book Lungs. His lyrics about insects, romance, and friends are best described as quirky, endearing, and disarming.

In 2009, The Boston Phoenix declared Hello Shark one of the 50 Best New Bands in America“Endearingly lo-fi, minimalist acoustic campfire ballads about topics as disparate as romance and insects, all delivered with aching sincerity. There are a few embellishments from Casio keyboards, drums, and guest vocalists, but for the most part it is simply the work of Linc Halloran and his guitar. Sounds kind of like Cowboy Junkies if they junked their sister singer and replaced her with a pathologically shy entomologist. It’s the kind of thing that could seem affected, but because it’s so spare and straightforward, Halloran (er, Hello Shark) makes it work.”


Download a live performance from 2008 here.

Download / stream Hello Shark on Phoning It In, 2009 here.



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