Late Lights

Late Lights pic

LATE LIGHTS is the “talk rock” duo of Chris Locke and Rick Libby. The guys met 20 years ago at Keene State College when Rick asked Chris where the hell he bought his Minor Threat t-shirt. Rick was a guitarist in such classic hardcore bands as Last Breath and Spoke and eventually went on to become a pharmacist. He lives in Montpelier, Vermont. Chris received his MFA from Goddard College and has taught creative writing at both high schools and colleges for over 16 years. He’s published a bunch of books, many of them poetry—in fact, his most recent collection is ORDINARY GODS (Salmon, Ireland—2017). Chris currently lives in the Adirondacks even though he hates the winter. Go figure. Rick and Chris still share an affinity for the 80’s D.C. music scene and forgive you if you don’t. Mostly…