Ruin / Renewal EP1

Released June 2011
Ruin/Renewal is Josh Pritchard, Brett Bashaw, and Josh Homer.
Trumpet on ‘No Blues’: Lauren Strobel
Rhodes piano on ‘No Blues’ and ‘Save a Helpless Man’: Tom Eaton
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Universal Noise Storage in Newburyport, MA.

The Noise Review:

RUIN/RENEWAL Ruin/Renewal 

Who could have imagined that trading musical concepts while on the property of a fuel company warehouse in the industrial zone of Newburyport, Massachusetts would prove so profitable? For guitarist Josh Pritchard (Peals), and drummer Brett Bashaw along with the recruited bassist, Joshua Homer, the union has proved fortuitous. The first of a three part series released on June 7th, Ruin/Renewal’s self-titled debut is intense but not overtly so, calling to mind Theory of a Deadman’s first effort, complete with the husky, emotive vocals of “No Blues” and “To Save a Helpless Man.” The disc’s commanding melodies pull listeners in without ever being headache inducing or unpleasant. (Julia R. DeStefano)