Select Few (2013​-​2018)

These songs have been collected from the start of my songwriting venture (an every changing project) to present day. I’d like to thank Guy Capecelatro III for not only being a kind mentor but a true friend. A big thank you to the Burst & Bloom family for sharing the same musical ideals as myself. Thanks to everyone in the Seacoast music community and a huge thank you to my parents for their love and support. 

-Sam Carp

Jim Rioux-vocals on #1 
Marc McElroy-Rhodes on #2, lap steel on #14 
Gregg Porter-vocals on #4 
Emily Hope Price-cello on #4 and #13 
Jordan Holts-vocals on #6 & #8 
MorganEve Swain-fiddle on #6 & vocals on #7 
Jessica Hesse-vocals on #9 & #11 
Guy Capecelatro III-vocals & toy piano on #1, 
vocals & piano on #3 & guitar on #5 

Recorded & mixed by Guy Capecelatro III at 
The Electric Cave in Portsmouth, NH 
Mixing help and mastering by Marc McElroy 
Layout and Design by Dylan Metrano 

All songs by Sam Carpenter except #5 by Dolly Parton