Tiger Saw Nightingales CD

Tiger Saw’s fifth full-length album Nightingales is a return of sorts to their slowcore roots. A string quartet augments the band on most of the tracks. Siblings Emily and Glenn Forsythe (from the Boston-based band St. Claire) provide lush vocal harmonies. Friends Helena Sundin (from the Swedish band Cake on Cake) and Wesley Hartley (from Dead End Armory / Traveling Trees) each take a lead vocal turn on songs written especially for them to sing. There’s a cover of the Unbunny classic ‘Pink Lemonade‘. These are songs about the night, both literally and metaphorically. Songs about friends growing apart, bittersweet nostalgia, about embracing darkness and rejecting it. It’s Tiger Saw’s most mature work to date, and it’s sound is beautiful, warm, and deliberate.


Guy Capecelatro III guitar, bass, toy piano, voice; Emily Forsythe voice; Glenn Forsythe voice; Lillian Harris violin; Wesley Allen Hartley voice on ‘We’ll Always Have the Night’; Christopher Holt bass, guitar, piano, voice; Clara Kebabian violin; Dylan Metrano guitar, voice; Evan Orfanos drums; Emily Hope Price cello on ‘We’ll Always Have the Night’, ‘Japan’, voice on ‘Japan’; Jerusha Robinson cello; Helena Sundin voice on ‘Night pt. 2’; MorganEve Swain viola