Tiny Fires

Tiny Fires

Founded in Maine in late 2008, Tiny Fires is comprised of Guy Capecelatro III, Dylan Metrano (Tiger Saw), and Jeremy and Jerusha Robinson (South ChinaBrown Bird).

The Portland Phoenix’s Christopher Gray wrote of their debut performance: “Auspiciously, the group are a step removed from their pedigree. Their slow, jangle-pop hooks are memorable and absorbing. The group’s embellishments — unorthodox harmonies, staccato handclaps and stomps — are inspired enough that their overall mood is surprisingly seductive.

Shimmery guitars, primal drumming, tap-dancing, and distorted calliope keyboards curiously blend underneath entrancing four-part harmonies, creating a brand new unique sound that is a bold beginning for the band.

The group was originally called Paper Birds, and toured with the band Castanets in November 2008, and performed in a set they designed, including multi-tiered backdrops and hanging bird-printed book covers. They transformed the stage of each venue into their own little world, and let the stories in their songs unfold in a theater of their making. In 2009, they played shows with friends Phosphorescent, Jason Anderson, and Viking Moses. In April 2009, to avoid confusion with a similarly named band, they changed their name to Tiny Fires.

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