Dave Noyes Fundrasier

Seekonk 2004

Our dear friend Dave Noyes passed away this week. He was a founding member of Seekonk, Rustic Overtones, Plains, and Mehetable.

His friends have started a Gofundme campaign to lend a hand to his family. Please donate if you are able.

We’ve made Seekonk’s final album “Pinkwood 2” free for download.


new Tiger Saw video

Tiger Saw debuts the first new song from their seventh album “The Featherweight” (out March 15 on Burst & Bloom). Dylan Metrano explains the song is about his days in 1990’s post-punk band Hamlet Idiot:

Happy new year! On March 15, Tiger Saw will be releasing our seventh album, “The Featherweight”. Here’s the first single “Our Songs Were Skeleton Keys”.

This is a song about the 1990’s, and the culture of playing shows, supporting live music, making music with my friends, record collecting, and being inspired by all that was happening around us. It’s a song about being young and capable of anything, and the amazing community that I was in. For those who don’t know, Hamlet Idiot was a band I was in from 1992-1999, and many of the posters and records shown here are from that band.

I continue to be inspired today by the community around me, some of whom have been at it since back then. Keep on at it, friends. 
With love, Dylan / Tiger Saw

ps. We have an incredible lineup on “The Featherweight”. Here’s the players on this song:

Chris Klaxton – trumpet
Eric Klaxton – tenor saxophone
Jocelyn MacKenzie – vocals
Marc McElroy – clavinet, Rhodes
Dylan Metrano – vocals
Jocelyn MacKenzie – vocals
Jim Rioux – drums
Erik Tans – bass

2018 Top Tens!

2018 was another year.

Burst & Bloom was busy, with the following seven releases in 2018:

Late Lights Late LightsGuy Capecelatro III SplinteringSongs for Pam compilationThe Eastern Sleds There’s No Place Left To GoCape Breton Poems book + CD by Guy Capecelatro III, Tangle of Bone book by Rebecca Hennessy, Jim Rioux yes I will Yes.

We encourage you to seek them out if you haven’t already. As we do each year, we solicited “top ten” lists from some Burst & Bloom artists, friends, and family, and we present them here for you.

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2017 Top Tens!


Julien Baker & Phoebe Bridgers (photo: Dylan Metrano)

Once again, we present our end-of-the-year favorites from the Burst & Bloom family and friends. It is our hope that you might discover something that has made us happy in 2017, and that it will make you happy as well.

Burst & Bloom had a banner year, releasing the following: “A Light I Can Feel: A Tribute to Brown Bird” compilation 2CD, the Buzzy zine anthology book, the free “Burst & Bloom 50” compilationGuy Capecelatro III’s “Hope is the Thing With Feathers” CD, The Great Auk’s “Paradox” CD, and Cape Snow’s “The Last of the Light” CD. We encourage you to check these out, if you haven’t already.

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The Great Auk!

Great Auk cover

We’d like to welcome The Great Auk to the Burst & Bloom family! The Great Auk is the acoustic and sometimes semi-plugged-in duo of Carrie Bradley and Bernie Jungle. Their songs run from acoustic to electric, big harmonies to near whispers, and distortion to silence, as Bradley and Jungle deliver stories, vivid imagery from the mundane to the phantasmagoric, humor, a love of language, and a lot of conversation between the strings.

Listen below, and order HERE.



Cape Snow‘s “The Last of the Light” in out now! You can stream or download it HERE. CD’s available HERE. Hand-screened t-shirts available HERE (includes download!).


Chris Hislop interviewed Cape Snow’s Bree Scanlon about the new album, being a trans-continental band, and playing live for the first time. Read it HERE.

The band is playing a few select dates in support of the album. See the live page for details.

Burst & Bloom 50 out now. Free download!

  1. Erik Tans “Beacon / Certain Ghosts” from Tiny Fires’ Tiny Fires
  2. Dan Blakeslee “Commerce in the Night” from Tiger Saw’s Tigers on Fire
  3. Blake Seale Jr. “Lucky” from Guy Capecelatro III’s The Silence of Our Predicament
  4. Tiger Saw featuring Helena Sundin “Acreless” from Wesley Hartley’s Narrow Gauge Quad Trains
  5. Friendship “Woo-Hoo”, from Seekonk’s Pinkwood 2
  6. Chris Decato “Night Pt 2 (Helena’s Song)” from Tiger Saw’s Nightingales
  7. Pale Wallace featuring Emma Vachon “Jamb Figure” from Ruin/ Renewal’s Ruin/Renewal
  8. Gregg Porter “Montreal Canyons” from Hello Shark’s Break Arms
  9. Zach Tremblay “My Worried Mind” by Gideon Brown from Seasonal Disorder – Autumn
  10. Mara Flynn “Useless Rain” from Guy Capecelatro III & Craig Werth’s Ten Miles Out
  11. Scott Houston “The Longest Distance” from Guy Capecelatro III’s Every Last Light
  12. Ackport “Plastic Light” from Bellows’ As If To Say I Hate Daylight
  13. Craig Werth “Vivisector” from The Verms’ The Verms
  14. Eric Ott “Box of Wine” from Hello Shark’s HS
  15. Marc McElroy “Out of My Head” from The Landladys The Landladys
  16. Peter Squires “Broken Highway” from Pale Wallace’s Pale Wallace
  17. Jerusha Robinson “Time To Come In” from Mara Flynn’s Wide Open
  18. Guy Capecelatro III “The Warmth of the Sun” from Eastern Mountain Time’s Really Comin’ Down
  19. Wesley Hartley “Tired of Wishing” from Guy Capecelatro III’s Everything You Are
  20. Jim Rioux “I’m Over Love” from Cape Snow’s Cape Snow
  21. Eastern Mountain Time “I’m Serious” from Friendship’s You’re Going To Have To Trust Me
  22. Breakfastsong “I Am On Fire” from The Landladys’ 20 Year Reunion
  23. Justin Carloni “Rocketship” from Jim Rioux’s Darlings of the Soil
  24. Cape Snow “Good Hands” from Mara Flynn’s Good Hands
  25. Best Girl Athlete “Frayed” from Guy Capecelatro III’s Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Coming Soon


For our 50th release, we invited Burst & Bloom artists and friends to cover songs from our catalog. Every artist who’s released an album on Burst & Bloom has been covered for this collection. Only one song per release is represented. Burst & Bloom 50 will be available free-of-charge digitally in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support and stay tuned!

Ackport covers Bellows

Best Girl Athlete covers Guy Capecelatro III

Dan Blakeslee covers Tiger Saw

Breakfastsong covers The Landladys

Justin Carloni covers Jim Rioux

Cape Snow covers Mara Flynn

Guy Capecelatro III covers Eastern Mountain Time

Chris Decato covers Tiger Saw

Eastern Mountain Time covers Friendship

Mara Flynn covers Guy Capecelatro III & Craig Werth

Friendship covers Seekonk

Wesley Hartley covers Guy Capecelatro III

Scott Houston covers Guy Capecelatro III

Marc McElroy covers The Landladys

Eric Ott covers Hello Shark

Pale Wallace covers Ruin/ Renewal

Gregg Porter covers Hello Shark

Jim Rioux covers Cape Snow

Jerusha Robinson covers Mara Flynn

Blake Seale Jr. covers Guy Capecelatro III

Peter Squires covers Pale Wallace

Erik Tans covers Tiny Fires

Tiger Saw covers Wesley Hartley

Zach Tremblay covers Gideon Brown

Craig Werth covers The Verms