Some Women CD

Some Women 2CD

Various Artists Some Women 2CD

The Some Women double-CD is a compilation of bands who participated in a project based on Guy Capecelatro III’s Some Women column that appears in The Wire.  As part of the RPM Challenge (in which artists are challenged to write and record an album in the month of February), people took the column’s brief text (usually just a couple lines) and turned that into song.  There was no real direction to the project and participants approached their song with wildly varying techniques.

disc 1

1. Jocelyn Mackenzie Lindley
2. Hello Shark A Wife
3. Jason Anderson Helen
4. GC III Hope
5. Eric Ott Madigan
6. Jon X Flora
7. Potluck Bus Stop Cecil
8. Emiko Blalock Fairuza
9. Scotty Houston Jocelyn
10. Craig Werth Olivia
11. Will Harrison Longing for Lillian
12. Eastern Mountain Time Rosalind
13. Bernie Jungle Kathryn
14. Geoff Soule Nettie
15. Anna Vogelzang Nevada
16. GCIII Nevada
17. Jim Rioux Ulva
18. Jon Lessard Charlotte
19. Jason Anderson Lorna
20. Emily Hope Price Walking Barefoot
21. Katie Entigar Eliza
22. Elroy Hattie
23. Blake Seale Gemma
24. Rick Rude Rachel
25. Licia Sky Blanche
26. GC III Cynthia
27. Djim Reynolds Kathryn

disc 2

1. Anna Vogelzang Aggie
2. Unbunny Fern
3. Bernie Jungle Miriam
4. Jason Anderson Ethel
5. Jon X Valencia
6. Lina B Tullgren Merrill
7. Potluck Bus Stop Lenora
8. GC III Juliet
9. Mara Flynn Florence
10. Methuin Muir Darby’s Mother
11. Brian Michael Roff It was and she did
12. Mr. Baby Paperdolls
13. Nate Laban Eva
14. Jason Anderson Sophie
15. Noah Lefebvre Evelyn
16. Desert Crow Luella
17. Peter Squires Margaret
18. Ray Halliday Hattie
19. Seth Gooby Alva Ray
20. Audrey Ryan Some Women
21. Rick Rude Zella
22. Blake Seale Joyce
23. Steffanie Antonio Amos
24. Scotty Houston Mary Ann
25. Tiger Saw Elise
26. Jason Anderson Velma
27. GC III Tara