Seasonal Disorder: Summer

Seasonal Disorder: Summer

1. Unbunny – Honeycomb

Jarid del Deo – vocals, guitar; Emily Hope Price – vocals, cello; Jocelyn Mackenzie – vocals; Jeremy Styles – vocals; Guy Capecelatro III – guitar, organ, tambourine. Recorded by GC III at Squirrel Sounds.

2. Audrey Ryan – Summer

Recorded at Woolly Mamouth Studio in Boston, MA by Dave Westner.

3. Anthony da Costa – Love of Mine

Engineered by John Elliott in Austin, TX. 
Mixed by James Frazee in New York, NY. 
Anthony da Costa – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, vocals

4. Hello Shark – Adore

Linc Halloran-vocals, guitar; Guy Capecelatro III-vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion. 
Recorded by GC III at Squirrel Sounds.

5. Liz Parmalee – Summer Holidays

Liz Parmalee-vocals, guitar; Guy Capecelatro III-vocals, guitars, bass and drums. 
Recorded by GC III at Squirrel Sounds.

6. Breakfast Song – Long Lake

Seth Gooby-vocals, guitar, tambourine; Isis Alis-vocals, keyboard; Guy Capecelatro III-vocals, guitars, bass, drums, sounds. 
Recorded by GC III at Squirrel Sounds.

7. The Connection My Baby Likes To RnR

8. Emiko Blalock – For July

Written by Emiko Blalock. 
Vocals, Guitar and Piano: Emiko Blalock; Drums: Jonah Baker. 
Recorded by Emiko Blalock and Jonah Baker in his Ballard home, while watching the chickens in the backyard hunt and peck.

9. Scotty Houston – Wasting Time

Scotty Houston – vocals, guitar, bass and lap steel; Guy Capecelatro III – vocals, guitar; Anna Vogelzang-vocals

10. Joel Murach – Because It’s Summer

Danny Allen recorded this song on one lucky afternoon (7/7/2011) at Baby Buck Studios in Oakland, California. Joel Murach wrote this song, sang it, and played the acoustic guitar and bass. Danny Allen played the slide guitar, banjo, kick drum, and tamborine. He is a virtuoso on the tambourine and not bad on the slide guitar either.

11. Laurel Brauns – Fireflies

Laurel Brauns; Bass: Seth Lorinczi; Drums: John Vecchiarelli; Cello: Anna Fritz; Violin: Lucia Conrad; Violin: Justin Mackewich; Trumpet: John Whaley. 
Production and arrangements by: Douglas Jenkins 
Produced by Douglas Jenkins, recorded in Portland, Oregon.

12. Jon Nolan and the Working Girls – Fresh Cut Grass

“Fresh Cut Grass” / Jon Nolan BMI 
Jon Nolan: Guitar & Vocal; Geoff Taylor: Bass 
Recorded & Mixed @ Milltown Recording Co.

13. Elroy – Where You Belong

Marc McElroy – all the everything.

14. Isa Burke – Montville Song

Isa Burke – vocals, ukulele, fiddle 
Recorded by GCI II at Squirrel Sounds.

15. Tiger Saw – Summer Songs

Dylan Metrano – vocals, guitar; Liz Parmalee – vocals; Guy Capecelatro III-guitars, bass, thumb piano, melodica, programming. Recorded by GCI III at Squirrel Sounds.

16. The Farthest Forests – When the Peepers Sing

Recorded in Eliot, ME at The Carriage House and Sanctuary Arts. 
Anne Marple – lead vocals; Peter Squires – guitars, percussion & backup vocals