bloom 081: Eastern Mountain Time Seven Compact Disc

bloom 080: Ambermor World in Flux Compact Disc

bloom 079: Monhegan Island Posters: 2010-2019 by Dylan Metrano

Paperback book

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bloom 078: Charlotte Moroz & Guy Capecelatro III Kangaroo EP

bloom 077: Bloom Country, Vol. 1

bloom 076: Jim Rioux, feat. Jolie Holland Some Kind of Ghost single

bloom 075: Guy Capecelatro III Hello Christmas

bloom 074: Sam, Joey, and Guy Familiar Strangers

bloom 073: Tiger Saw “The Featherweight” Live

bloom 072: The Town Tryers Let’s Just Try!

bloom 071: Pale Wallace Holding Your Breath ’til it Hurts

bloom 070: Charlotte Moroz & Guy Capecelatro III The View From Here is Not to Be Believed

bloom 069: Guy Capecelatro III The Feeling of Falling

bloom 068: Charlotte Moroz & Guy Capecelatro III Boring Songs About Dumb Things

bloom 067: Three Plays by Gregory S. Moss

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bloom 065: Pumpkin Mouth Tooth Salad

bloom 061: Mehetable s/t

bloom 060: The Orchards Sing Birds, In Your Shrinking Woods

bloom 058: Cape Breton Poems by Guy Capecelatro III paperback book + CD

bloom 056: Songs for Pam compilation

bloom 050: Burst & Bloom 50

bloom 049: Buzzy: zine writing ’93-’98 paperback book 

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bloom 043: Some Guys compilation

bloom 042: Tiger Saw Horn Hill

bloom 038: Cape Snow Cape Snow

bloom 035: Through the Static and Distance: The Songs of Jason Molina

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bloom 034: various artists Some Women compilation

bloom 031: Pale Wallace Pale Wallace

bloom 028: Hello Shark HS

bloom 027: Smells Like… Tuna Time by Christopher Holt comic book 

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bloom 026: The Verms The Verms

bloom 024: I Have To Tell You and This is not the Right Time by Tommy McCaffrey

paperback book Out-of-print.

bloom 019: Seasonal Disorder: Autumn compilation

bloom 018: Mara Flynn small as a heartbeat

bloom 017: Seasonal Disorder: Summer compilation

bloom 016: Hello Shark Break Arms

bloom 015: The Need To Be Heard by Audrey Ryan

paperback book out-of-print

bloom 014: Ruin / Renewal

bloom 013: Seasonal Disorder: Spring compilation

bloom 012: Seasonal Disorder: Winter compilation

bloom 011: Some Women by Guy Capecelatro III paperback book

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bloom 010: Free Art: Take One book


bloom 009: Tiger Saw Nightingales

bloom 008: Seekonk Pinkwood 2

bloom 007: Monhegan Island Papercuttings by Dylan Metrano book


bloom 006: Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees Narrow Gauge Quad Trains

bloom 004: Guy Capecelatro III The Silence of Our Predicament

bloom 003: Tiger Saw Tigers on Fire

bloom 002: Tiny Fires